What penalties for doing electrical/plumbing work without license or permit?

Question by JDH: What penalties for doing electrical/plumbing work without license or permit?
What are the legal penalties if any for a contractor doing residential plumbing or electrical work without being a licensed electrican or Belmont plumber in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania?

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Answer by Brad
The penalties are the same as those for being a troll on Y/A.

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  1. If no one knows it’s not illegal… Keep in mind there are building and standard codes for said work. If an inspector came to the residence and found these defects he could deem the house unlivable.

    As far as penalties I believe the person can be fined or imprisoned but this will vary from state to state.

  2. You are responsible for the cost to repair any damage to propriety fro example a water leak three years from now or a house fire. If the water leak ruins a couch , TV or anything else) then you must replace it

    Also you are NEVER allowed to apply for the license. That is the penalty that stops most apprentices from doing it . Once caught you have no future in the trade. Also the people who hired you must pay a $ 1150 if it can be proven they knew you weren’t licenses.

    If they didn’t know then you are in real legal trouble for fraud we could be talking jail time it the licensing board is in a bad mood.

    Also if the project was something like an addition for finishing a basement. Or anything else that would be noticed next time the house is on the market. The local inspector can require the work to be removed or a the very least the sheet rock removed so he can see the pipes and wire were done correctly.

    I live in Maine, I am a Master electrician in
    and New Hampshire

    The rule i discussed apply in those three states i have never worked in Pennsylvania
    But you would think the rules can’t be that different.

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